Here is a little bit more about North Oaks and Children’s Hospital Association!

The women of North Oaks and St. Paul Children’s Hospital share a history of commitment and tradition that goes back more than 50 years and is still going strong today. The Children’s Hospital was founded in 1923 by Dr. Walter Ramsey. The first hospital was a framed house on the corner of Smith and Walnut Streets. In 1929, the hospital moved to a new location at 311 Pleasant Avenue. The current building was constructed at 345 Smith Avenue in 1979.

Following the Depression, it became apparent that the hospital could not remain open without a sustaining organization that could raise the needed funds. In 1933, the St. Paul Junior League and the Hospital Board of Trustees met and volunteered to serve as charter members of the first Board of Directors of the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA). The first accomplishment of the Association was to establish the Free Bed Fund. 2008 marked the 75th anniversary year of CHA.

In 1949, the first Children’s Hospital Ball was held and it continues to be a big St. Paul event today. The concept of developing neighborhood groups to supplement the Children’s Hospital Association was developed in 1962. That is when the first Guild was established in North Oaks by a group of women devoted to quality healthcare for all children, regardless of their ability to pay. After several years, the number of women active in the guild had increased to such a large number that it became difficult to meet in member’s homes. In order to maintain the integrity of the guild, a second guild was formed in 1966. North Oaks Guild II is now best known for the Rummage Sale it sponsors each September.

Interesting things to know:

Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) grew out of a request in 1924 to the Junior League from a doctor at Children’s Hospital for support for a “bed fund” to help defray the costs of care which was $2.50 per day. CHA continues to be committed to “making a difference one child at a time.”

North Oaks Guild II is one of 10 guilds that supports CHA in their efforts.

North Oaks Guild II began in 1966 when the original guild’s membership grew to over 30 members and deemed too many for holding meetings in local homes.

The first year of fundraising by Guild II garnered $404. Over the years fundraisers have included home tours, capture the flag, auctions, holiday cards made from children’s art and since 1999 the annual rummage sale.

The first North Oaks Guild II annual Rummage Sale was held in September 1999 at Peace United Methodist Church and took in $12,401.21.

Most recent news

Cumulative donations from North Oaks Guild II to Children’s Hospital Association from 1966 to present now exceed $2 million.

Children’s Hospital Association’s (CHA) pledges funds to Children’s Minnesota. This funding pays for a variety of programs and services not covered by the Hospital’s annual budget.

More information on CHA and the programs funded by the association is available at Children’s Hospital Association (CHA)